MAchine Translation for Open Science

Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication

The signatories of the [Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication support the following recommendations to be adopted by policy-makers, leaders, universities, research institutions, research funders, libraries, and researchers:

  1. Support dissemination of research results for the full benefit of the society.
  2. Protect national infrastructures for publishing locally relevant research.
  3. Promote language diversity in research assessment, evaluation, and funding systems.

Association for computational linguistics (ACL) 60-60 Globalization via Localization

The ACL 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Special Initiative, 60-60, is a year long challenge, with the theme of Globalization via localization. The initiative aims to translate and create all conference materials (text papers, speech, and provide sign language)— ACL anthology content — into 60 languages. Our goal is democratization of scientific content for computational linguistics. Hopefully with genuine scientific outreach in many languages, we start to unlock more native talent/creativity/ scientific innovation allowing for more voices to be heard in their native tongues transcending language barriers. With this effort we hope to lower the ingrained language bias in the scientific landscape.